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Fit action aspara
Fit action aspara

Fitness opening hours

Mon-Fri: 7.00-13.00 in 15.00-21.00.
Sat: 9.00-12.00 in 16.00-21.00


Five 2.0.: Monday and Wednesday at 19.00
Monday and Wednesday at 20.00

FIVE 2.0

Exercise is a high-intensity interval workout that aims to increase muscle strength and endurance, while consuming calories intensely – resulting in fat loss. The exercise consists of two sets, and each set of exercises is performed in a circle (5 rounds)..


Blinking for the whole family! With the monthly family fitness card, the whole family (from children from 7 to 10 years old) can train in our fitness center. Treat your children to a healthy and quality life, as you are their best teachers!!


With dancing and fun to great shape! Zumba is a dance group rehearsal with exotic Latin American music, with which you will do something for yourself and have a lot of fun. Zumba focuses on the muscles of the buttocks, arms, legs and abdomen with the aim of shaping and strengthening the entire body.
Aspara Fit center
Aspara Fit center

Open Gym

100, 200, 300? Are you also among those who need more? Strength, endurance, perseverance, mobility.

FIT team

trainer Žana


Graduated dietician and personal trainer.

The best time for change is now!

Aspara Fit center


I am a warrior on the training ground of life and the challenges make me strong and powerful.

I am the soul of movement, healthy eating, the soul of inspiration and support of all who need and accept it.

Are you one of them?

Aspara Fit center


Always smiling and energetic, Nina has been dancing since she was a child. Out of love for dancing, zumba crawled under her skin. She’ll make sure she gets on you too!