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Cellulite is a nuisance that almost every woman faces. It appears early in the life cycle, but over time in most cases it spreads even more and becomes even more visible.

Did you know?

The appearance of cellulite on the body has little to do with an individual’s lifestyle (we also have in mind exercise and diet), although women often notice that the incidence of cellulite is higher when they gain weight.

The genetic characteristics of an individual are also to blame for the formation of cellulite. Along with the appearance of cellulite, women notice that they also have problems with the reduction of extra inches right in the areas of the thighs, lower abdomen, above the hips and on the chest.

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Dry CO2 bath

is the only anti-cellulite procedure that can also be performed on areas of the body affected by varicose veins and capillaries. The importance lies in the fact that the coincidence of cellulite and dilated capillaries or. predisposition to their occurrence is present in 70% of women of all ages. For such a large group of women, Carbo treatment is the only suitable anti-cellulite treatment.
  • promotes blood circulation in the tissue and supplies it with oxygen
  • release stagnant fluid in tissue
  • regulates Ph in blood and tissue
  • detoxifies and has a positive effect on blood vessels. < / span>
The dry carbon bath method effectively and extensively reduces fat deposits and cellulite and strengthens connective tissues. The procedure is safe and relaxing, it triggers processes that otherwise occur during physical activity. A dry CO 2 bath is the only suitable anti-cellulite procedure that can be performed on areas of the body with dilated capillaries and veins. We also recommend it to those who have problems with sore feet.