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Perfect lineup

We have carefully selected for you a set of effective cosmetic procedures and massages that work and will effectively and quickly erase cellulite from problematic areas of the body.

Treatment details

What the package includes

The package includes 4 cosmetic procedures in combination, which will accelerate, safely and, above all, effectively help to remove your cellulite.

It is important to understand that cellulite can only be removed by consistently visiting and treating the selected area.


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What level of cellulite do I have?

0: No visible cellulite even when the skin is compressed into a wrinkle. The skin is taut and smooth.
1: No visible cellulite standing or lying down. The structure of cellulite, however, is visible when you squeeze the skin with your fingers into the skin fold.
2: Visible cellulite when standing, but unnoticeable while lying down.
3: Visible cellulite standing and lying down

It is good to know! Cellulite is different from fat. A treatment that can effectively remove fat often has no effect on cellulite.